Local Search Platform

  • Complete end-to-end local search technology platform
  • Comprehensive back-end and front-end
  • Delivered on desktop, mobile and iPhones
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Custom Websites for SMBs

  • Beautiful Custom Design - built from scratch
  • Standards Compliant - Search Engine Friendly sites
  • Extremely affordable with maintenance built in
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 from vSplash is the most comprehensive suite of tools designed for directory publishers for taking their directory online. This platform is in use at several local search sites worldwide and the publishers have had great success in increasing their online revenues significantly. The solution does not cost you a fortune but definitely helps you tap the local search advertising fortune.

This platform addresses some the following pain points that have worried you at some point in time or the other.

  • 01How do we compete with Google?
  • 02How do we monetize the internet product?
  • 03How do we get organic traffic?
  • 04How do we deliver performance metrics to the customers?
  • 05How do we study customer search patterns and keep innovating?
  • 06How do we differentiate from other IYPs in our local marketplace?
  • 07How do we develop a next-gen search platform without spending a fortune?
  • 08How do we create multiple online local advertising options for merchants?
  • 09How do we develop vertical websites to serve specific audiences?
  • 10How do we maintain the IYP without fuss and a large resource bank?

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